Struggling navigating parenting?

Therapy for new moms & families who would like to experience less overwhelm & chaos so that they can have a more peaceful household.


If you or your family are barely keeping your head above water, I get it, boy do I get it! I am so happy you landed here. 

Imagine how life could be different:


*Instead of having nothing left to give, you are able to laugh and really connect as a couple and a family. 

*Instead of your child yelling, slamming doors, and saying hurtful things they just seem calmer. What would your family life look like if things were not so hard?

In working together:

You will walk away with greater confidence in managing your child’s behaviors. AND in return, you will also experience a greater sense of connection within your family.

If this sounds like something you & your neurodivergent family need, then hit the let’s get started button.



At the Parent-Child Bond, we believe that therapy services are not a one size fits all. This is why we offer customized services to fit your family's needs.

Interested in Mental Health Service Package option instead?

Pregnancy & Postpartum

Early Childhood & Behaviors

ADHD & Neurodivergent (ND) Parent coaching

10 sessions used over 2 years

  • Specialized support geared towards:

Managing the transition
Emotional regulation
Hormones & Mental Health
Birth complications
Newborn tips & tricks
  • *Email support between sessions
  • *Telehealth or in-home upon request
  • $1,650

5 sessions used over 1 year

  • Specialized support geared towards:

  • Parent coaching around meltdowns
  • Executive Functioning
  • Emotional regulation & bonding
  • Sleep & digestive struggles
  • Psychoeducation on mental Health
  • Child development tips & tricks
  • *Email support between sessions
  • *Telehealth or in-home upon request
  • $825

10 sessions used over 1 years

  • Specialized support geared towards:
  • ND roadmap towards success
  • Emotional regulation & connection
  • Holistic approach
  • ND & tapping into strengths
  • ND complications
  • ND tips & tricks
  • *Email support between sessions
  • *Telehealth or in-community upon request     $1,650

Email to inquire more about our package or pay as you go service options 

Have questions or would like to set up a free 10-minute meet and greet, email


Pay as you go services:  

1. Comprehensive Intake & Action Plan 90 minutes, $250

2. On-going services 75 minutes, $200   

3. Follow-up service: 30 minutes, $75:

What makes the Parent-Child Bond services unique?

*Email support for up to 3 weeks post appointment (not available through insurance)

*All services are telehealth or limited in-person, upon request

* Services are primarily parent centered, with child present as needed.

*Services are private pay or insurance coverage upon request

*Service satisfaction guaranteed, while we can’t guarantee progress, we do offer if you are not completely satisfied with a session, you don’t pay. 

Have questions, email