~My Mission~
To ensure all mothers and babies feel supported and understood during the transition into motherhood and throughout childhood experiences.

All about the Parent Child Bond

The idea for the Parent-Child Bond was born after having my son during the start of the pandemic. My son and I experienced birth and postpartum complications that created a lot of mom guilt and stress. However, the pressure I put on myself as a new mom was only exacerbated knowing my genetic makeup of having ADHD and Dyslexia.  
I found myself desperately trying to find ways to "makeup" for these things. Yet, nothing seemed to help. Until one day, I will never forget it, instead of seeing the pain I endured growing up with ADHD/Dyslexia when I looked at my son, I saw HIM for the first time. 

I know all too well the guilt, shame, trauma, and pressure we as woman with ADHD carry day to day, but you don't have to live that way. It is my hope that the Parent Child Bond can support you & your child so that ADHD doesn't takeaway anything more in your life than it already has. Especially not the bond that you desire with your little one.

My approach is customized yet tangible and action oriented.

This means each session we will identify bite size strategies that you can implement immediately to support your goals.

In working with me I will guide you in learning how to pay attention to the messages that are showing up within your body, mind, and heart. Listening to these messages support you in living out your values and strengths. As a result of becoming more aligned, life just becomes easier. 

We will learn how to identify this in your child’ as well so that you will feel more confident in supporting your child.

The research supports that the infant’s social, emotional, and neurological development is shaped by the bond established between a caregiver and their child. The quality of this attachment, often reflected in the level of maternal availability, sensibility, and responsiveness to cues, determines how infants will learn, form relationships, experience the world and regulate their emotions. Further, this bond creates a buffer against future life stressors. ncbi.nlm.nih.gov. I know what you are thinking. 

“1, that is a lot of pressure & 2, with ADHD we struggle with these things.” 

This is where I come in. 

Together we will reduce the sense of overwhelm, and shame triggers, gain new parenting skills & confidence. All this and more so that you can put all that momma guilt to rest. 

Learning these skills and techniques now will save you hours, days, and months of heartache down the road.

I have been an independent licensed mental health therapist since 2010 and it is my passion and privilege to get to specialize in supporting moms & kids of Minnesota.


I received my BA in 2001 from the College of St. Benedict in Peace Studies, looking at the intersection of Eastern and Western teachings on inner peace. I went on to get my Master’s in Social Work at Augsburg University in 2005 with a concentration in family practice and I received licensure as a clinical independent social worker in 2010(LICSW). Additional intensive trainings and certifications include Perinatal Mental Health, ADHD, EMDR-Eye movement desensitization reprocessing through a perinatal & infant mental health, initial training in ABC-attachment biobehavioral catch-up & SCERTS-Social Communication, Emotional Regulation & Transactional Support. Currently work at Fraser as a program manager and clinical supervisor, since 2013.