~My Mission~
To ensure all Neurodivergent parents and babies feel supported and understood throughout their pregnancy & early childhood experiences.

You are in survival mode and probably have been for a while. When someone says take a deep breath or you got to chill out, you might feel like you want to punch them in the face. No one understands what you and your family are going through like you do! You’ve probably gone to several professionals and have appointment fatigue, I get it.

Having worked in this specialty area for as long, I hear all sorts of really damaging things that were said from well-intended professionals. Not to mention the cost of all of these appointments and to be left with only mild to minimal progress. Ugh, it’s time consuming, money draining, and life sucking experiences.

Why offer satisfaction guaranteed. 

While I can’t guarantee progress, I can guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with the value of the session, you will not be charged. No offense will not be taken. I truly just want to support families because I understand that your journey has already been draining. This is one way I want to make this easier for you.

The power of working with someone like me who has really niched down in this area, and someone dedicated like you is what makes me feel confident in this guarantee. 

You are probably thinking, yeah, but you haven’t seen MY family before. Don’t worry, that’s what a lot of the families worry about. We can do this! 

All about the Parent Child Bond

The idea for the Parent-Child Bond practice was born after having my son during the start of the pandemic. My son and I experienced birth and postpartum complications that created a lot of mom guilt and stress. However, the pressure I put on myself as a new mom was only exacerbated knowing my genetic makeup of having ADHD and Dyslexia. I found myself desperately trying to find ways to “makeup” for these things. Yet, nothing seemed to help. Until one day, I will never forget it, instead of seeing the pain I endured growing up with ADHD/Dyslexia when I looked at my son. I saw HIM for the first time. 

Because I Get it:

I know all too well the guilt, shame, trauma, and pressure we as Neurodivergent woman carry day to day, but you don’t have to live that way. It is my hope that the Parent-Child Bond can support you and your child so that Neurodivergence doesn’t takeaway anything more than it already has. Especially not the bond that you desire with your little one. 

A bit about me: 

Well, to start I have two doodles. Willie Nelson, a golden doodle and Bernie a sheepadoodle. They like to make themselves known at times in the therapy space (via telehealth). My husband, son, two dogs and I live out a bit from the city. Being around nature more has really helped my ADHD nervous system. 

In addition, I love to do art projects, and mom and me classes, travel, and watch movies. I am a former swimmer, nearly made it to the Olympic trails but life had other plans for me. Now I love to bike or be at the beach. And lastly, in all transparency, I still struggle at times with my own ADHD and Dyslexia so I will be the first to admit I don’t have it all figured out. 🙂

Why work with me when there are so many other therapists and ADHD coaches

Great question! We are the only practice in Minnesota who specializes in Neurodivergence and the transition into motherhood, birth trauma, and ADHD early childhood intervention. In addition, we offer more than just working on behaviors. We look at how all the parts of us are working or not working together. 

Virtual or In-home options:

Sessions are done virtually at the comfort of your own home. Or when schedules allow, in-home therapy is available. Sometimes it’s you’d like to be in-person but leaving the house is hectic, right?

Lastly, why work with me? Well, there are a million things I am not good at but one thing I excel at is intuitively knowing what clients need to that I can quickly and effectively guide you towards a more peaceful home. 

Experiences, Credentials, Certifications & Training

2001 received my BA from the College of St. Benedict in Peace Studies in 2001, looking at the intersection of Eastern and Western teachings on inner peace. Then, I went on to volunteer Americorps for a year in Kentucky serving as an infant and toddler home visitor/preschool teacher. After that I spent 3 months volunteering in Thailand, which is where the drive to get my masters. However, I took a few detours first. Taught and coached swim lessons through Foss Swim School. Waitressed at a Thai restaurant and worked as a behavioral aid. Wondered around New York City for a few months before starting Grad School. Oh, ignorance was bliss. 

Graduate School:

2005 I started my Master’s in Social Work at Augsburg University with a concentration in family practice. Upon graduation I went back to Thailand for a year. Working as a practitioner for the younger kids with Autistic, Dyslexic, ADHD, LD and other health impairments; I loved it. However, I was missing home. 

Clinical experience: 

While gaining my clinical independent social worker I worked as a school-based therapist up in Duluth, which was received in 2010(LICSW). Having realized how much I loved specializing in Neurodivergence, I went on to become a supervisor of an Autism preschool day treatment program at St. David’s Center. This is where I received extensive training in SCERTS-Social Communication, Emotional Regulation & Transactional Support. Next, I transitioning to Fraser, where I spent the last 10 years working as a program and clinical site manager, while carrying an outpatient caseload. 

Other clinical experiences: 

Over these years I have supervised nearly 100 interns/clinical trainees/professionals. I’ve presented at several conferences, though speaking events are not my favorite thing to do. 🙂 I love working with clients. Being able to step out to start my own specialized practice has been such an honor, a dream come true and a privilege. 

Additional intensive trainings and certifications: Perinatal Mental Health, ADHD, EMDR-Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing through a perinatal & infant mental health lens, initial training in ABC-attachment-biobehavioral catch-up & Dynamic Body Balancing.


My approach is customized yet tangible and action oriented.

The research supports that the infant’s social, emotional, and neurological development is shaped by the bond established between a caregiver and their child. The quality of this attachment, often reflected in the level of maternal availability, sensibility, and responsiveness to cues, determines how infants will learn, form relationships, experience the world and regulate their emotions. Further, this bond creates a buffer against future life stressors. ncbi.nlm.nih.gov. I know what you are thinking. “1, that is a lot of pressure & 2, with ADHD we struggle with these things.” 

This is where I come in: 

Together we will reduce the sense of overwhelm, and shame triggers, gain new parenting skills & confidence. All this and more so that you can put all that momma guilt to rest. Learning these skills and techniques now will save you hours, days, and months of heartache down the road. 

Next steps: 

If you are feeling a pull to hit the button to schedule a session, I would encourage you to listen to that. You found me for a reason, and I believe your gut knows I can be the person to guide you towards what you likely already know to be true but just need support in getting there. 

During our first session:

We will form a roadmap that will be shared after the session has ended. This road map will include how many sessions to anticipate, likely around 3-10 sessions. Then, what to expect between sessions, as well as what the next sessions could look like. Did I already say how much I love this work? Let me say it again. I really do love working with families like yours and I look forward to meeting you on the inside.