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Therapy for therapists with ADHD, Anxiety or highly sensitive (HSP)


Managing caseloads and holding difficult emotions of our clients can be overwhelming. However, what leads to burn out is our own negative self-talk and worries if we are doing a good job or not. 

If this sounds like you and you would like guidance in navigating being a therapist with ADHD, Anxiety and/or as an HSP, I would love to support you. 

*Therapy is telehealth & only available to Minnesotans at this time.  

Looking for a resource in supporting moms with ADHD? 

Or maybe you’d like a resource for yourself? 

Either way, you are going to want to grab this now why the price is still low. 

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ADHD Momma Time E-Workbook is for sale as a digital download. 

Mentoring for the ADHD Momma Entrepreneur

Do you have a deep passion for helping others or creating something but are running into some barriers? Are you starting to wonder if some of the struggles might be related to your ADHD? As ADHD momma entrepreneur, we got to stick together. 

If you’d like to receive one-on-one mentoring to help you understand how to use your amazing brain FOR you instead of against you and how to prevent ADHD momma Entrepreneur burnout, sign up today. 

Or coming soon ADHD Momma Time Community Connection. In this community you can promote your passion & service, receive encouragement, inspiration, and support from other ADHD mommas on the same journey. This community is geared towards new moms with children under the age of 6 but all ADHD mommas are welcome to join.

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Speaking events

Could your clinic or agency benefit from enhancing practices in caring for neurodivergent mothers & their children? If so, contact me for training & speaking opportunities. Topics such as how to create a supportive environment that is neurodivergent friendly, what to look out for with early signs for ADHD. Or maybe you are looking for a fresh perspective on reviewing paperwork/client forms, and agency policies through a neurodivergent lens. All this and more!
What is the benefit for you & your clinic? You will increase trust, which will support greater reporting of concerns and in return improve the health outcomes of your neurodivergent staff & clients.
Email me to inquire more.

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