Parenting through the early childhood years!


If you have concerns about your child, I know how helpless that feeling can be. It is challenging and overwhelming not knowing what to focus on or where to start. 

 In our therapy sessions, we work together to foster your child’s social-emotional development, including emotional regulation, executive functioning skills and much more.

3 key areas I support enhancing in therapy


Building the foundation for self-worth, resiliency & emotional intelligence.

Praising effort instead of results. Tuning, mirroring & matching their levels of energy.


The development of self-expression & control occurs within the context of the parent-child relationship. Which means, first, we need to learn to co-regulate with a caregiver before we can manage our feelings.

Joint Engagement:

*Supports learning how to following directions

*Interact for longer periods of time

*Ability to shift their attention

However you identify and whether you are the birth person or witnessing birth, trying to conceive, pregnant or facing fertility struggles. While I specialize in women and children with ADHD, I believe that everybody deserves to be understood, supported and have a space where their experiences are valued.