Birth Stories

Estimated that 1 and 3 people experience difficult births

When you think back about your pregnancy, labor, or delivery to you tear up and experience a pit in your stomach?

At the time of the birth, were there moments where you felt terrified, helpless or unheard?

Do you find yourself checking & rechecking things and this bothers you?

Are you struggling falling sleep more than usual? 

For some women, their birth story was met with an absence of informed consent to medical procedures, or not knowing if something was wrong. These experiences can way heavy on our hearts. 

Birth stories are the fabric of our lives.


How you describe the birthing experience shapes how you view our child in years to come. If it was a difficult birth, later on you’ll likely find yourself saying your child is difficult. 

However, it doesn’t need to be this way. Healing your birth story and seeing the birth experience through your child’s eyes has the ability to change the narrative of their lives. 

Share your birth story


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