• Do ADHD Symptoms Worsen During or After Pregnancy?

    Women with ADHD often wonder if their symptoms will get worse during and after pregnancy. Simple answer is maybe yes and maybe no! The Effects of Pregnancy on Women with ADHD Symptoms: How feelings of self-doubt or feeling not good enough may increase during the transition into motherhood. For women with ADHD, pregnancy can intensify […]

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  • 3 tips to support your ADHD during pregnancy

    Are you worried about managing your ADHD while pregnant? Dear future ADHD momma, I know you are scared, overwhelmed, and feeling nervous about being pregnant. You are likely thinking the times growing up when you struggled and barely got by. Maybe you are picturing all the bruises along the way as you tried to figure […]

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  • 5 ways to support your ADHD During Pregnancy and Postpartum

    It’s not uncommon for women with ADHD to struggle with managing their symptoms during pregnancy and beyond. This is because ADHD is exacerbated by hormonal changes, stress and fatigue. However, here are 5 strategies you can use to support your wellbeing during your transition into motherhood. 1. Look to your past How tuning into three […]

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